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Training and education including leadership, strategy, marketing, and sales through seminars, workshops, and speeches for executives and managers.

“Bill Cohen comes closer to identifying what produces extraordinary leaders than anyone I know.” – General Frederick J. Kroesen, former Commander United States Army, Europe

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: In 2009, Dr. Cohen was awarded the Claremont Graduate University Distinguished Alumnae Award. His award read in part: "Through your extraordinary leadership in the military, educational, and business sectors, you have distinguished yourself as a superb leader and innovator. These achievements, along with your work in promoting and sustaining the legacy of Peter F. Drucker, honor not only the Drucker School of Management, but the whole of Claremont Graduate University and its community of graduates."





"Dare the Impossible - Achieve the Extraordinary."






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"Dare the Impossible - Achieve the Extraordinary."


William A. Cohen, PhD, Major General, USAFR, Ret.  

Tel: (626) 794-5998




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"Bill Cohen was a singularly stimulating and attractive student from whom my colleagues on the faculty and I learned at least as much as we could teach him."
                     Peter F. Drucker, 1983

















                                                                   Text Box: WHAT THEY'RE SAYING ABOUT DRUCKER ON LEADERSHIP
Pure Drucker. Every chapter brings a fresh, new approach to understanding the world, the works, the leadership philosophy of Peter Drucker - from the Foreword by Frances Hesselbein
Cohen has written with clarity and authority about the major challenges facing leaders today. And Cohen, like Drucker, emphasizes responsibility and integrity in leadership, qualities so desperately needed today. I strongly recommend this book to you.  - Joseph A. Maciariello, Horton Professor of Management, Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management and Co-Author of The Daily Drucker by Peter F. Drucker and Management by Peter F. Drucker
Cohen’s unique relationship with Peter Drucker, as student and friend, allows
him to extract valuable leadership lessons from Drucker’s writings and
teachings on management.  Bill Cohen’s “labor of love” provides the essential
lessons for leaders straight from the Father of Modern  Management. – Ronald 
E. Riggio, Henry R. Kravis Professor of  Leadership and Organizational 
Psychology, and director of the  Kravis Leadership Institute at 
ClaremontMcKenna College
For those who aspire to lead – and we need a new generation of Drucker--- like leaders in organizations in every country around the world ---         Bill Cohen distills the essential leadership lessons from the world’s greatest management thinker. -       Ira A. Jackson, Dean and Professor of   Management, Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management
Through a blend of anecdote and analysis, Bill Cohen has given us great insight into Peter Drucker’s thinking on leadership—an aspect of Drucker’s  work that many have misconstrued or overlooked altogether. This is a new prism through which to view Drucker and, as such, a valuable contribution  to the field. -      Rick Wartzman, Executive Director, The Drucker Institute
 Bill Cohen's Drucker on Leadership is the best collection of Peter Drucker's unique insights, deep wisdom, and practical advice I have  ever read.  Cohen channels Drucker as only a three decades-long colleague and student can. You will find the lessons highly accessible, immensely enjoyable, and wonderfully fresh.  -    Jim Kouzes, Award-winning co-author of the bestselling, The Leadership Challenge
What Cohen learned as Peter Drucker’s student, and their personal  relationship 
afterwards, changed Bill’s life. Reading Drucker on Leadership  will change the
way you look at and apply leadership forever. -      Bruce  Rosenstein, author
of Living in More Than One World: How Peter  Drucker's Wisdom Can 
Inspire and Transform Your Life
I read Dr. Cohen’s books in Chinese, and with the help of a translator, 
reviewed a draft of Drucker on Leadership in English. Peter F. Drucker 
helped me found the Peter F. Drucker Academy in China. It was a pleasure 
to see his concepts and what he instructed me brought together in one place 
and explained so that they could be applied by any executive. This is a 
valuable and useful book. -      Minglo Shao, Chairman and CEO of the 
Bright China Group, Founder of the Peter F. Drucker Academy

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                         Heroic Leadership: Leading with Integrity and Honor                            












When a Major General with Arnold

Schwarzenegger on the movie set

of "True Lies"











With Congresswoman and Former

Ambassador Diane Watson on the

Presidential Yacht "Sequoia" 








Integrity is Not About Profit  

If You Would Be a Leader  

Your Leadership Style is Your Own

Strategy is Important! 

There are Common Strategy Principles

The Fundamental Lesson

Seize the Initiative and Keep It

Surprise Can Compensate

The Importance of the Indirect Approach 

How a Leader Turns Things Around 

7 Action Steps for a Turnaround or Crisis Situation

Got Vision?

Economize and Concentrate Your Resources to Win

Timing - The Recipe for Success

Power and the Principles of Strategy

How to Apply the Principles of Strategy

The Jungle Called Strategy Development

Concentrate, Concentrate

Competitive Advantage: You May Already Have It

An Old Story Told About the Texas Rangers

Why is Commando Leadership So Successful?

Exploit Your Success!

Fly Under the Competition's Radar with the Indirect Approach 

If You Want to Know If Your Strategy is Working

Do What Has Made You Successful and You are Going to Fail

Uncovered Gold in Your Organization

Your Integrity May Have a Tremendous Impact --- on You!

The Way We Were

Ready, Aim, Fire

Secrets of Motivation: What Do People Really Want from Their Jobs?

How To Negotiate

Declare Your Expectations

Military Skills Useful in Business?

Adversity and How to Overcome It

When in Doubt, Proceed with Audacity

Katrina and Rita: What Leaders Need to Do When Crisis Strikes

Want to Lead? Then Get Out in Front

5 Essential Lessons from My Professor, Peter F. Drucker 1909-2005

Don't Just Stand There - Take Charge!

Commando Leaders are Committed

Create the Best Through Training

You Must Do This if You Want to Succeed

Three Lessons from General Custer at Little Big Horn That We Can Apply Today

Be Where the Action Is

The Power of Desiring to Win

Drucker's Wisdom on the Fundamental Principle of Strategy

How to Coach a Winning Team

How to Create Your Own Future

Know and Understand People

The Peter Principle is Nonsense

How to Attract Followship

Take Care of Your People

The Joys and Challenges of Diversity

What Balance Means to Leaders

The Greatest Management Teacher in the World

America's Greatest Leader

What Peter Drucker Taught Us About How to Solve Problems

The Stuff of Heroes: The Eight Universal Laws of Leadership

Ethics, Honor, Integrity, and the Law

You Don't Have to Be a Warrior to Use Battle Leadership

Peter Drucker's Ideal of Leadership

Commitment: The Secret of Achieving Your Goals and Objectives

Creating Followship

7 Actions to Develop Your Charisma

Know Your Stuff

The Power of Leadership

The Indirect Leader Influence Tactics

How to Develop Your Self-Confidence as a Leader

Building High Morale and Esprit de Corps

How to Build and Develop an Organization

Leadership Means Teaching and Coaching

Secrets of Motivation

How to Lead in Crisis Situations

Leader Problem Solving and Decision Making

The 1st Universal Law of Leadership

The 2nd Universal Law of Leadership

The 3rd Universal Law of Leadership

The 4th Universal Law of Leadership

The 5th Universal Law of Leadership

The 6th Universal Law of Leadership

The Five Essential Elements of Effective Leadership

Making the Fundamental Decision of the Organization

How to Create Your Organization's Future

The Information You Need to Create the Future

Drucker's Methodology for Developing Strategy

The Importance of Controls in Implementation

Drucker on Ethics for Leaders

Primum Non Nocere: Above All Do No Harm

The Concept of Heroic Leadership

Putting Duty Before Self

Getting Out in Front

When to Give and When not to Give Orders Directly

Lead by not Giving Orders

Who Dares Wins

Gain and Keep the Initiative

The Need to Inspire Others to Follow Your Vision

The 7th Universal Law of Leadership: Put Duty Before Self

The 8th Universal Law of Leadership: Get Out in Front

Throw the Rule Book Away and Accomplish the Impossible

Three Ways to Get Others to Willingly Follow Your Lead

Getting Things Done in Government

Look After Those You Are Responsible For First

Overcoming Fear: 5 Generals Speak

Dare the Impossible

You Always Have Limited Resources, So Concentrate for Success

Always Prepare Multiple Simultaneous Alternatives

This Rhino Leads Pro-Employee Charges

Seize the Initiative and Keep It

Be Decisive

Two of the Most Outstanding Executive Promoters I Ever Met

Great Visions are Always Powerful

Focus on the Mission

General LeMay - A Leader of Great Courage and Self-Confidence

Take the Indirect Route to Your Objective

Keep it simple, stupid

Heroic Leaders Bounce Back

If You are the Leader You Must be Where the Action Is

How to Develop Your Self-Confidence

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Text Box: Bill Cohen when a Brigadier General with Russian Major General and Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov at an International Air Show
"The Stuff of Heroes isn't just good stuff - it's THE RIGHT STUFF"

- Frank Borman, former Astronaut and CEO, Eastern Airlines

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